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LYPRINOL - Testimonials: Please note the following testimonials represent the experience of these individual people. Results and experiences may vary from person to person.


" Lyprinol are brilliant, I am delighted with them, they are really working on me" Mary, Westport

" Lyprinol is working great already, its a great product and i will recommend it to others " Peter, Co Laois

" I find the Lyprinol very good and my husband has starting on them now" Rose, Mullingar

" Lyprinol is brilliant, I am holding off on knee surgery because it is so good!" Irene, Middleton

 I would like to commend you and your company Eastcoast International for the excellent service you provide" Larry, Tipperary

" I am very happy taking Lyprinol and Crystal Mind, all my family use them and I tell all my friends about the. I give them both 5 stars" Rose, Cork

" I feel great since starting to take Lyprinol" Maureen, Clare

" Our whole family has benefited greatly since taking Lyprinol and Crystal Mind" Margaret, Dublin

" I find the Lyprinol terriffic" John, Castleknock

" I have been giving Lyprinol to my pet dog who has terrible stiffness in his legs, it has really improved his condition and I am really delighted" Therese, Dublin

" I am delighted with the Lyprinol, I think its great" Rita, Belfast

" My husband finds the Lyprinol great!" Peggy, Clare

" I am absolutely delighted with Lyprinol, the difference it has made to me is amazing " Margaret, Dublin

" I think Lyprinol is absolutely brilliant, it really works" Brian, Kilmacud

" Eastcoast International are a great company with great products, they offer a great service" Helen, Sligo

" I had been on Glucosamine following key hole surgery on my knee. It wasnt really helping.When I switched to Lyprinol I notcied a huge improvement in my recovery. " Pat, Tuam, Galway

"Lyprinol, I tried it, Love It, 10 out of 10!" Elizabeth, Limerick

"My mother is 92 and is taking Lyprinol, it has definitley made a difference to her, I am very happy I got it for her" Barry , Cork

"All my family have been taking Lyprinol for the last 6 months and we all feel an overall improvement in our well being" Breda, Dublin

"I find Lyprinol great, I recommend it to everyone" Beatrice, Tralee

"I am thrilled with Lyprinol and also the service provided by Eastcoast International, I know when I place my order I am certain to receive the product the next day, they are a pleasure to deal with" Bridie, Longford

"I must say I find Lyprinol really really good, I am delighted with it, Im telling all my friends about it" Tempy, Dublin

"Since taking Lyprinol I am delighted to say that my total well being and quality of life has greatly improved" Jackie, Greystones

"Lyprinol is great, I really find it very good. Bernie" Swords

"We find Lyprinol great, I have all the family on it now" Sheila, Dublin

"Lyprinol really works, I am very happy with it" Patrick, Dublin

"Lyprinol has really helped me, it is an excellent product, I recommend it to everyone" Patrick, Dublin

"I am delighted with Lyprinol, it really does make a difference" Conor, Louth 

"I started taking Lyprinol and the difference has been unbelievable, I feel so much better" Michael, Booterstown

"My 20 Year old daughter has been taking Lyprinol for some weeks now and we have had amazing success. We intend to continue indefinitely. I feel that as we have had such good success I hope more and more people can take advantage of this truly wonderous oil" Julie Killiney