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We recommend when taking Lyprinol® for the first time that you purchase at least 7 boxes. This will give you your first critical 6-8 weeks dosing period. It is also very important to take 4 capsules per day and be consistent until you feel an improvement. Then and only then reduce down to 2 a day as a maintanance dose.

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“Lyprinol® is the most powerful natural marine oil available. It is far superior to conventional pharmaceuticals, vegetable – based omega -3 oils and fish oils” Dr Georges M. Halpern, M.D., PH.D,


Initially take 4 capsules per day until you notice a significant improvement, after which the intake may be reduced to 2 capsules per day as a maintanance dose. We recommend this product should be taken for at least 8-12 weeks and ideally as a long term addition to your diet. For best results, be consistent and dont reduce the dosage until you feel a considerable improvement.

CHILDREN: 3 - 12 Years old. 3 capsules daily for 3 weeks and 1 or 2 thereafter with meals. It is recommended that pregnant women and children under 2 years should only use Lyprinol® after consultation with a doctor or health practioner. Capsules should be consumed with or after meals with water.

Principal Ingredients per 260mg capsule:

Natural mono-unsaturated Olive oil - 100mg;
Lyprinol GLM pat.lipids (Eicosatetraenoic acid) - 50mg;
Vitamin E (D-alpha-Tocepherol) as antioxidant - 0.225mg.
Capsule: Gelatin; Sorbitol syrup; Glycerin

There is no taste from Lyprinol® and there are no known side effects from Lyprinol®