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Clinical Trials

There have been numerous clinical trials performed on Lyprinol over the last 25 years to test not only its safety, but also its effectiveness, its strength and its comparrison to similar products. Below is a list of some of the listed trials:

Human Studies

a.. Barnes, 2002, Resp Journal Random Clinical.
b.. Borland, 1999,Effect of Lyprinol.
c.. Gibson, 1998, CTinM Art - Random Trial.
d.. Gibson, 2000, JA&CM Three Case Studies.
e.. James 1999, AJCN
f.. Korea, 2002, NMJ Efficacy and Safety Study.

g..  Szechinski, 2011, OA Lyprinol V Fish Oil

Animal Studies
a.. Murphy, 2005, Tenikoff et al - J Lyprinol

b.. Whitehouse & Rainsford, 1980, Arztnei
c.. Whitehouse Shiels, 2000_ Allergie et Immun Dysmenorrhoa Inf.
d.. Whitehouse, 1997, IJ_ Study Lyprinol.
e.. Whitehouse, 2000, Internal pilot Study
f.. Whitehouse, 2001, Internal Lyprinol vs glycogen.
g.. Whitehouse, 2002, A&RJ Call for a Trial Letter.

a.. Gibson Brief
b.. Whitehouse Study
c.. OTC Study